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First one’s the colored [and scanned (the other one was taken from my phone…piece of junk)] version of this.

They’re all fan art for “Starstruck”.

Second one’s the scene that was never shown, where the Doctor gives Sapphire Shores the jelly jar of sugar cubes.

Third one’s Sapphire’s dress…with my own touch…

And the final one is a “what if” where Derpy/ Ditzy and Tick Tock never explained to the Doctor what the “jelly jar of sugar cubes” thing meant. A lot of you probably heard of “The Runaway Bride” from Doctor Who, well, this is “The Groom That’s Running Away” from Doctor Whooves and Assistant.

[The Doctor bursts through large doors, Derpy/ Ditzy and Tick Tock follow behind; Sapphire Shores is standing at the altar, yelling out “Time Turner!”]
Doctor: [while running] Why didn’t you tell me that’s what THAT meant?!
Derpy/ Ditzy & Tick Tock: We thought you knew!
Doctor: Well, never assume such a thing ever again, for all of our sakes! Now let’s run along, assistants! [opens the TARDIS doors before them, the Doctor ushers in Derpy and Tick Tock; slams doors quickly after they’re all in]

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